Names of the Characters:

Macphail [mk'fel]

Davidson ['devdsn]

Thompson ['tmsn]

I. Read the first part of the story and find the following words and phrases,write them out, give the Russian equivalents, recall the situations in which they are used:

to heal (p. 26); to settle down (p. 26); freckled skin (p. 26); a big bug (p. 27); to put on frills (p. 27); to make smb behave (p. 28); we should keep ourselves to ourselves (p. 30); to stamp out (p. 31); to saunter (p. 31); to be prohibited by law (p. 32); to eradicate (p. 32); to be bare of furniture (p. 34); not to get a wink A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE of sleep (p. 35); to itch (p. 35); to instil (p. 40); in the last resort (p. 43); a vague sense of guilt (p. 45); rain or fine (p. 47); vexed (p. 55).

II. Read the second part of the story, find the following phrases and words, write out sentences with them, recall the situations in which they are used:

щадить себя (р. 56); затевать что-то (р. 59); по пятам (р. 60); без утайки, откровенно (р. 62); воспользоваться преимуществом (р. 66); удрученный (р. 68); чувствовать себя неловко, не в своей тарелке (р. 68); начать новую жизнь (р. 71); изо всех сил (Р. 77).

Answer the questions:

1. What is the setting of the story?

2. How did A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE the Macphails and the Davidsons happen to get friendly?

3. Retell the Davidsons' story.

4. How did Mr. Davidson make the natives understand what a sin was?

5. Describe Miss Thompson.

1. What was Miss Thompson like?

2. How did she behave on the island?

3. What did the Davidsons think of her behaviour?

4. What measures did Davidson take to make Miss Thompson behave herself?

5. What did Davidson want?

6. Why did the governor agree to send Miss Thompson to San Francisco?

7. How did the doctor try to help Miss Thompson?

8. What is the end of the story?

9. Comment on the final episode. Did Mrs. Davidson A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE guess the reason for her husband's suicide?

10. Comment on the title of the story.


Names of the Characters:

Edward Barnard ['edwd 'b:nd]

Bateman Hunter ['betmn 'hnt]

Isabel Longstaffe ['zbl 'tst:f]

Arnold Jackson [':nld 'dksn]

I. Read the first part of the story and find the following words and phrases, write them out, give the Russian equivalents, recall the situations in which they are used:

his conscience was not at ease (p. 166); a sense of disillusion (p. 166); to be destined (p. 167); a replica of a palace on the Grand Canal at Venice (p. 169); he could A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE not repress the exclamation of delight (p. 170); to introduce smb to society (p. 171); he resigned himself to the role of confidant (p. 171); to shoot oneself (p. 172); to be all smiles (p. 173); to be arrested on a charge of fraud (p. 175); to be homesick (p. 175); to hear in a round-about way (p. 178); to be fired (p. 178); to take somebody by surprise (p. 182); in one's shirt sleeves (p. 184); to keep body and soul together (p. 185); to make oneself at home (p. 185).

II. Read the second part of the story, find the English equivalents of the following phrases A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE and words, copy out the sentences with them:

скрыть свое смущение(р. 187); мы не принимаем отказов (р. 188); раскаяние (р. 189); негодяй (р. 189); лицемер (р. 189); я обязан придти (р. 190); беззаботный, беспечный (р. 192); преходящий момент (р. 195); неувядаемый, бессмертный (р. 195); вы прикасаетесь к вечности (р. 195); избежать наказания за свои преступления (pp. 198, 199); ты поддался дурным влияниям (р. 200); я совершенно не достоин ее (р. 205); чистосердечно признаться в чем-либо (р. 205); причинять кому-либо обиду (р. 206); я приобретаю большой ценный опыт (р. 207); жар, пыл (р. 209); освободить кого-либо (р. 210); это не имеет значения (р. 210); оказать услугу (р. 211).


Names of the Characters:

Jean Charvin A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE ['di:n ' 't:vn]

Marie-Louise [m’ri: lu:'i:z]

Henri Renar ['henr r'n:]

Riri [‘rr]/[r'r]

I. Find the following words, word combinations and sentences,copy them out, recall the situations in which they are used:

слой краски (р. 275); осужденный, заключенный (р. 275); удовлетворять чьи-либо нужды (р. 275); штрафная колония (р. 275); привычные завсегдатаи (р. 276); отбывать пожизненное заключение за убийство (р. 276); отвлечь (р. 277); смертная казнь (р. 278); преступление, совершенное из ревности (р. 278); неверность, измена (р. 279); теперь, когда... (р. 279); мелкие воришки (р. 284); мошенники (р. 284); фальшивомонетчики (р. 284); ловкачи (р. 284); беспощадный (р. 287); соединять, собирать из кусочков (р. 288); неразлучный (р. 289); неизбежный A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE (р. 289); скрывать свою муку (р. 293); принципиальный человек (р. 293); ваш ответ делает вам честь (р. 295); уколы совести (р. 295); полностью признаться кому-либо (р. 298); терпимый (р. 298); не приходя в сознание (р. 300); меня арестовали и судили за убийство (р. 301); в конце концов я был приговорен к шести годам (р. 301); моя совесть спокойна (р. 302); в безупречном порядке (р. 302).

II. Answer these questions:

1. Where did the action of the story take place?

2. What kind of people were sent to that penal settlement?

3. What jobs did convicts do in that place?

4. What was the narrator's part in all that story?

5. What did the A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE narrator think of crimes of passion?

6. Why did the narrator decide to tell us that very story and not a different one?

7. What was the motive of the crime as the narrator saw it?

8. Who was the criminal? Describe him in detail.

9. Why was Jean Charvin in that settlement? What was the crime he had committed?

10. Did Jean Charvin suffer living in the settlement?

11. What was Jean Charvin's life before he got to the settlement?

12. Who was Riri? Describe him.

13. Why did Jean say that Riri and himself had been inseparable ?

14. Who was Marie-Louise? Characterize her.

15. Whom A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE of the friends did the girl choose as her future husband?

16. How did it happen that it was Jean Charvin who married Marie-Louise?

17. How did Jean Charvin betray his friend and what did he feel at that moment?

18. What happened to Riri?

19. Why did Jean begin to find fault with his wife?

20. Why did he kill his wife?


Names of the Characters:

Jane Fowler ['den ‘fal]

Marion Tower ['mrn ‘ta]

Gilbert Napier ['lbt 'nep]/[n'р]

Reginald Frobisher ['rednld 'frb]

I. Find the Russian equivalents of the following phrases, recall the situations in which they were used:

to A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE look back (p. 315); to play a trick (p. 316); to have no notion (p. 317); to dye one's hair (p. 317); to have a heart of gold (p. 319); dowdy (p. 319); to be short-sighted (p. 320); to be in a flutter (p. 322); I shall have a fit (p. 327); unscrupulous (p. 328); to gasp (p. 329); after mature consideration (p. 331); to be very much to the point (p. 333); honeymoon (p. 333); perplexity (p. 335); unique (p. 339); you could have knocked me down with a feather (p. 340); priceless (p. 342); irresistible (p. 343); commonplace (p. 347); to give a full account of smth (p. 348); to keep an eye on smb (p A MAN WITH A CONSCIENCE. 349); to lose sight of (p. 349); good-natured (p. 351).