Welcome to Almaty


The Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications was founded in 1975. It has more than 5000 students and 400 instructors, among the professors, doctors and candidates of sciences, assistant professors and experiences teachers. The University has all necessary facilities for teaching including well-equipped laboratories, computing classes, language laboratories, TV etc. A large library with 8 reading halls is at the disposal of the students. There are 6 faculties at the university, among them the faculties of: radio engineering and telecommunications, radio engineering, heat power engineering, information technologies. The course of study lasts 4 years. The academic year is divided into 2 terms. The first term lasts from Welcome to Almaty September to February, the second-from February to July. Examinations are held in January and June. The first year students study general engineering subjects. In the third year they get profound knowledge in specialized subjects: electronic, computing, cybernetics etc. After a student studies 4 years at the university he gets a Bachelor’s degree and later he may produced to the degrees of Master and Doctor. The graduates of the University work at telecommunication companies, computing centers, design offices, industrial and power engineering enterprises, research laboratories and institutes.

Traditions and holidays in Kz

Traditions and customs are observed Welcome to Almaty by the countries which respect their history. A country without traditions seems to be a big tree without any roots. Kzs try to follow their traditions. People in Kz are very hospitable. The traditions of the Kazakh national hospitality is closely connected with warm attitude to the man. The following public holidays are observed in Kz: Jan 1-2 New Year, Jan 7 Russian Orthodox Christmas, Match 8 International Woman’s, March 22 Nauryz, May 1 Kz People’s Unity, May 9 Victory, August 30 Constitution, October 25 Republic December 16 Independence. Nuryz which means “new days” is Kz’s biggest public holiday. People celebrate the coming of spring. It Welcome to Almaty is the most ancient festivity of Oriental nations. In fact, it is a New Year’s Eve according to the ancient Oriental calendar. Kurban Bayram is a religious holiday among Muslims, Traditionally they choose the best ship and cook different tasty meals During this holiday people visit each other, tables are fool of food, everyone is welcome this day. International Women’s Day Kzs set a special day to show how much they appreciate women and the work they do. The day of the Republic commemorates Kz’s decision to declare its independence in October 1991 and Independence day mark the Welcome to Almaty day on which Kz officially became independent. Kzs celebrate the New Year on the 31 of December with a decorated tree and presents followed by late-night parties.

Welcome to Almaty

Almaty is one of the biggest cities in Kz with population about 1,5 mln people. It was founded in 1854 on the left bank of the small river Malaya Almatinka. Almaty became a capital in 1929. In 1998 the capital was removed to Astana, the city in Central Kz. Every day a great number of tourists visit our city. They are admire the modern architecture, the green parks, its theaters and museums Welcome to Almaty. Almaty is a cultural centre. There are many theaters: Abai Opera and Ballet, the Auezov Drama. Today Almaty is one of the biggest industrial centre and the greenest city. Medeu is a pride of the city. The citizens and guest of our city like to spend their time here. New economic trends have greatly affected business activities in Almaty. A lot of beautiful apartment complexes are being constructed everywhere.

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